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To be a significant participant in increasing awareness of the Civil War in the Upper Midwest, especially Illinois and Chicago.


To provide active leadership in the development, delivery, and preservation of educational and historical information about the Upper Midwest, especially Illinois and Chicago during the Civil War.


  • Providing and maintaining meaningful and accurate information about the Civil War as it relates to Chicago, Camp Douglas, and other Union, as well as Confederate Prison Camps.
  • Creating and operating a repository for information, including artifacts, photographs, letters, journals, and diaries.
  • Offering information to educators, historians and other interested persons as appropriate to increase awareness and understanding.

Why Camp Douglas:

Camp Douglas was the largest military installation in the state of Illinois and, as a mustering in center, received and trained over 40,000 Union soldiers beginning in September 1861. From February 1862, the camp also became a prison camp processing 30,000 Confederate POWs until it was closed in late 1865. Camp Douglas had a significant impact on the economy of Chicago and the history of the Civil War.

To All Those who have been invested in and supportive of the Camp Douglas Restoration Foundation:

It is with heavy hearts and a deep sense of loss that we share with you that David Keller passed away on April 28, 2022, the result of a long illness.  His passing was peaceful and took place in his home. 

David is remembered as someone who pursued his passion.  He was determined to raise awareness of the significance of Camp Douglas to Chicago’s history and to the United States Civil War.  To that end, he wrote 3 books on prisoner-of-war camps and made numerous presentations for Civil War Roundtables, libraries, schools, community groups and Civil War shows.  As the Camp Douglas Restoration Foundation’s Managing Director, his leadership guided all our endeavors.  He will be missed.

Camp Douglas Restoration Foundation has created a traveling exhibit to tell the story of Camp Douglas. It will be on loan to interested institutions and organizations. The exhibit will be a lasting legacy of David’s commitment to tell the story of Camp Douglas. Please click Resources in the menu for more information.

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