Administrative Support:

  • Work with the foundation on administrative matters including letter writing, file maintenance
  • Assist in contacting current and potential foundation members
  • Assist in the maintenance and updating of the Foundation website

Archaeological Activities:

  • Participate in archaeological digs on the site of Camp Douglas
  • Assist in the care and identification of artifacts found
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Community Outreach:

  • Join our team to work with the Chicago community, and especially, the Bronzeville community
  • Assist in developing programs and presentations for community education

Developing Interpretive and Educational Programs:

  • Work with our professional educators to develop education programs relating to Camp Douglas and the Civil War
  • Assist in the delivery of education programs to schools and community groups
  • Assist in the delivery of existing programs presented to Civil War organizations

Fund Raising:

  • Join our fund-raising team to develop material for raising funds
  • Conduct research for funding sources including interested individuals, foundations and other revenue sources.
  • Assist in the solicitation of funds for the Foundation


  • Assist the Foundation by conducting research on topics of interest including individual soldiers associated with Camp Douglas
  • Research the history of the camp and the surrounding area
  • Support research requirements from outside inquiries

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